What is a Seller Property Disclosure Statement?

What is a Seller Property Disclosure Statement

What is a Seller Property Disclosure Statement? - What is in SPDS it's the sellers property disclosure statement and if you are thinking of buying a house in Monmouth County, you need this information! That's what I'm talking about today let's get started. If you want to stay up to date with all things real estate and Monmouth County, you're going to want to go ahead and click that share button below.

I have been working with buyers and sellers right here in Monmouth County for over 15 years, and one thing i can tell you whether you're purchasing or selling a home there is SO much paperwork involved in the transaction. If you're about to purchase a home reading and reviewing the S. P. D. S or the spuds is a huge huge deal.

Stick around to the end of this article and I'll give you your own blank copy of the seller property disclosure statement so you can download it print it and review it, so when the time comes for you to purchase a house you'll be more familiar with the documents.

What exactly is a seller property disclosure? This document is designed to protect the seller while informing you, the buyer right before you're about to purchase your new home. This 8 page document ,yep 8 pages is designed for the seller to disclose all the information they know
about the home they are about to sell.

This information covers everything regarding the age of the property. The age of the main components , from the heat to the air-conditioning, the hot water heater. Is it public sewer is it public water? again it's all very important information fora buyer when they're looking to purchase a home.

Did you know that sellers are legally obligated to disclose all the information about their current home to the buyers? Let's be honest here, although they are legally obligated to disclose certain things about the home, believing that everybody out there is always honest may not be the smartest move. So do your due diligence! If you have any questions investigate and research.

When you receive the spuds read it slowly and read it carefully! if there's anything at all that comes up and you're confused or you're not sure you understand it, just jot it down, take notes and simply reach out to your realtor and ask them to get you a little bit more information and to clarify some of the issues that you're confused on.

When you're purchasing a home here in Monmouth County, signing the sellers disclosure is something that you do right when you make your offer. This does NOT mean that you are agreeing to everything. Your signature is simply telling them that you acknowledge receiving this document.

You have plenty of time to ask questions and you can even discuss many of these issues with your inspector when that part of the transaction is happening. So there's a little information for you about the SPDS, the spuds or the seller property disclosure statement .

Please remember when you're purchasing a home take this document very very seriously. Thank you so much for joining me this week I will be back next week to talk to you about something else that has to do with Real Estate and Or Monmouth County! bye bye so there's just a little bit of information about the spd's the spuds or the Seller Property Disclosure Statement

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